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About Us: As a result, Somaliland is trying to move away from the dependency established though emergency relief; and through their own efforts, move beyond the post conflict transitional stage onto sustainable development while the private business sector has considerably known a consistent growth during the last decade. Indeed, it's about time for Somaliland people or any businessmen whether in the country or abroad, to get access to an easy searchable business directory that covers all across Somaliland . This internationally well-known directory serves as public and commercial resources.     This directory supports the implementation of overall commercial and industrial database conducive to strengthening private sector development and promotes small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as micro industries which play a leading role in creating employment, income and value added, and in providing the seedbed for developing and motivating entrepreneurial talent.        Furthermore, Somaliland Yellow Pages 2005 being the first of its kind to be launched; despite of the overwhelming workload and highly involved production cost of the first publication face, we have substantially reduced applicable regular advertisement prices up to 75% for promotional reasons and in order to encourage Somaliland business owners to fully participate the edition of Somaliland Yellow Pages.     To accomplish this great census and realization, success in achieving these goals will require enhanced capacities for the design and management of the edition and publication. In this regard, we are requesting your support by all means.